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3 Tips to Save on Home Glass

Home glass savings are easy when you plan ahead

Home glass services and materials

Home glass services can run up quite the invoice for a few reasons. If you have a need for glass around the house, be sure to do your research first.

The home glass experts at T&C Glass are here to help you in that research. Read on before you shell out for a new window, mirror or other glass material for your home.

Home glass contractor selection is important

Check out your contractor before they install or remove home glass.

There are a few ways to learn more about any contractor. Start by taking a look at the Oregon contractor board and verify that the contractor in question is licensed and bonded.

This is a major step for two reasons. First, a licensed and bonded contractor is more likely to understand safe, reliable work methods than an unlicensed handyman. Second, if they make a mistake, you will be able to report them and have a good chance at getting your money back, plus the cost of damages.

Read some online glass contractor reviews.

Anything from Angie’s List to Yelp can help you find someone whose name is trusted in the area. Also, find the contractor on social media for additional community input.

Once you are done with a contractor, consider writing a review of your own. In fact, some contractors will offer a small discount just for following them on social media or giving them a good word on a review website!

Know your home glass services

Size, style and location are important.

The cost of custom glass panes in a front door often cost way more than a standard apartment window. Do some research before you hire a contractor, just to make sure the price is right.

Make sure you know your options for services.

A small chip may be fixed without needing a full replacement. Ask if minor repairs are possible when you get an estimate.

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